Heel lifted squat

With the feet hip-width apart and one heel lifted, keep the core tight and control the movements. Push the hips back and lower the buttock toward the floor. Don't extend the standing knee over the toes and press into your heel and go back to the primary position. Repeat it for 60 seconds before you do the same with the other heel.

Bear plank leg lifts

Start in plank position with the knees bent slightly. Next, bend one knee to a 90-degree angle, flex the foot, and kick the leg towards the ceiling as high as you can. Then, make a break and lower the leg. Repeat this for one minute before you do the same with the other leg.

Single leg dead lift

With the feet hip-width apart and the right foot a couple of inches in front of your left, slightly bent the left knee and tighten the core and fold forward slowly, with the left foot in line with the spine. Next, touch the floor with both hands and then go back to standing. Repeat it for one minute before you switch sides.

Sumo squats to calf raise

With the feet twice hip-width apart and the hands on the hips and the toes pointed outward, hold the core tight and lower the hips until the thighs are parallel to the ground. Next, raise both heels off the floor. Lower the heels and raise the hips back up. Repeat it.

Squat to sumo

Stand with the feet hip-width apart while your hands are on your hips and your toes forward. Keep the core tightened and sink back into a squat. Press into the heels and pulse as you turn the toes and knees outward to a 45-degree angle and then go back to primary position.

Follow this beneficial routine if you want to bring your buttock into shape and make it look amazing. Good luck!