Ultimate Guide To Combat Warning Signs Of Strep Throat




Do you feel like you are swallowing needles while eating meals?

Are you running a fever of 101°F or greater?

If you have above symptoms, then these are probably the warning signs of strep throat and not sore throat. You may be following simple home remedies thinking that you are suffering from a sore throat.

But, just wait for a while before you jump to this conclusion!

Strep throat  is more dangerous than a sore throat because if left untreated, it can have dangerous repercussions.

You may feel better automatically after a few days without taking medications. But, it can lead to serious problems later in your life, which will be discussed later in the article.

What Is Strep Throat and How Does It Differ From Common Sore Throat?

Strep throat is a bacterial infection that causes pain and inflammation in the throat and the tonsils. You'll have a sudden sore throat along with a fever over 101°F. Mostly school going children and teenagers suffer from this bacterial infection.

Many of you must be confused between a sore throat and strep throat- Am I right? For those who don't know - Common sore throat is caused due to viral infections while strep throat is caused due to bacterial infection.

A sore throat will usually be fine on its own within a week and you may have minor or no fever. However, if you have strep throat, you'll be suffering from high fever, loss of appetite and.

Some of you might have taken antibiotics without getting it diagnosed by your doctor. I have also done it many times when I was a teenager. I would like to inform you that antibiotics have no effect on viral infections (4). You may become ‘antibiotics resistant' if you take them without any need.