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What are the Possibilities for Recurrence of Colon Cancer or Cancer of the Colon?

Abnormality of cell growth in the rectum or the colon causes colon cancer or cancer of the colon. Polyps are formed when these cells grow together. Polyps turn into cancer over time. The other name for this cancer is rectal cancer or colon cancer depending on the location of the cancer. Cancer which has extended to other body parts is known as metastatic. This is the place where rectal or colon cancer usually spreads to. Other organs of the body like bones, land lungs can also be affected.


Recurrence or rectal or colon cancer is after years or months after treatment. This is known as recurrent cancer. Removing the original cancer before spreading lowers the chances of recurrence. The cause is not known by doctors. The probability of recurrence of the cancer is high if when it is being discovered, originally, is in an advanced stage.


Tests cannot discover cancer cells due to its small size, in some instances. Continued growth of these cells might result later as a cancer that is metastatic cancer, even following years after treatment. Common symptoms are mostly:

  • Change in the bowel habit, example frequent stool, thin stools, a feeling that the emptying of the bowel is not complete.
  • Very dark stool or blood in it.
  • Appetite gets lost
  • Pain in the belly, particularly gas pain, feeling of fullness or cramps.
  • Weight loss without trying
  • Fatigue (constant tiredness)


Some individuals do not experience symptoms at all.

If the cancer has gone to other body parts, other symptoms may be exhibited, depending on the location. Biopsy is done for the confirmation of the diagnosis. Tissue samples from the area not appearing normal are taken by your doctor, when conducting this test. These tissues are inspected for caner content.