7 Natural Ways To Fight Anxiety, Stress And Depression


The physical but mostly the emotional symptoms such as emptiness, sadness, apathy, feeling of guilt, anxiety, fatigue, loss of appetite, muscle tension, headaches and so on are just some of the symptoms of depression, which is one of the most common diseases of today's world.

It happened because of the accelerated life tempo and frequent exposure to stressful situations, many people from time to time experience the above mentioned symptoms.

No matter if it is a dramatic relationship or you are under stress at work, nature offers you some solutions for relaxation, from a piece of chocolate that lowers levels of stress hormones through the scent of lavender that can better the quality of sleep, offers some ways in order to calm down and relax, and these are measure for anti anxiety



Do you experience trouble sleeping because you are stressed at work and you have tried all deadlines to finish what you started?

You should try some aromatherapy with lavender, because it has been proven that the lavender can cure insomnia. It is being made from dried flowers and essential oils from plants, and each part has a healing effect.

You may use the tea, milk or lavender candle with the scent of lavender.


Sweet potato

In case you want to escape from feelings of anxiety, you should remember that the sweet potato is a natural enemy of stress, because it has a sweet taste and is full of carbohydrates, and it contains enough fibers that can be helpful for the digestive system. Every one mentioned above affects you to be emotional and physical calm and it also maintain a sense of satisfaction.



At night, some of us turns of the brain and some the body, and when you shut down the body, chamomile can help you.

It was being proven that the chamomile, when taken as a tea, it reduces the intensity of muscle cramps and successfully calms the body but pregnant women who are allergic to hay and ambrosia have previously consult a doctor before starting to use chamomile.