Drinking Warm Detox Lemon Water Every Morning – The Mistake Millions of People Make


So many people drink warm detox lemon water in the morning just when they wake up, but these exist many people who can not stand the sour taste but this is a bad thing because the very healthy lemon has in itself many nutrients and also it can provide many health benefits.



Some of the experts have also said that you should indeed drink more warm detox lemon water daily because the lemon juice is loaded with protein, antioxidants, vitamins C and B, phosphorus, flavonoids, potassium, carbohydrates and volatile oils. This drink is indeed very healthy and has in itself many good properties such as, it is antibacterial, antiviral and has immune-building properties.

As well as the other things, it will better your immune system and will fight infection because of its high levels of bioflavonoids, pectin, limonene, citric acid, vitamins as well as magnesium.


What you should also know is that a glass of warm detox lemon water on an empty stomach when you wake up will also help in solving other things, as for example, aiding digestion, promoting weight loss , fighting hunger cravings as well as creating alkaline forming environment so it can balance the body's pH.

Have you ever heard that just one cup of fresh lemon water provides up to 187% of your recommended daily serving vitamin C?


Note: It is very bad but there exists one common mistake that many people make when they are enjoying their glass of warm detox lemon water, and that is that they throw up the lemon peel which is actually a very bad thing. And this is, well, because the lemon peel is one of the most nutritious parts of the whole fruit.

I am just guessing that your normal routine would actually be slicing the lemon, then squeezing it into a bottle and then adding some ice or hot water, but you should now know that it is the wrong way to do it.