7 Diets That Can Make You More Fit in One Month


There are so many diets out there but not all of them are effective. Some of them are even harmful to our health. To find an effective and healthy method that will show you results in 1 month, we recommend you read this article.

Allmondo has uncovered 8 diets that have been proven effective scientifically. We've outlined their key rules and learned about their possible side effects.

7. A cyclical diet

The cyclical diet has nothing in common with other diets that require we suddenly stop consuming enough calories for a long period of time. On the contrary, people who have invented this diet claim that such methods shock our body, causing it to save energy and slow down our metabolism.

  • Main features

The standard format for a cyclical diet is 5-6 days of low-carb dieting and 1-2 days of high-carb eating. Australian scientists think that long, restrictive diets lead to adaptive thermogenesis. That means the body slows down all processes to survive while it starves. A cyclical diet lets you avoid the process of thermogenesis and your body continues to actively burn calories. The 2-week split is the most suitable. You can also try this option: from Monday till Wednesday, you have a strict diet with the regular amount of calories decreased by 30-40%; and from Thursday till Saturday, you'll have "relaxing" days when the amount of calories increases by the same percentage. Sunday is the transition day.

  • Possible side effects

Active strength and cardio workouts when the level of glucose is extremely low are prohibited for people who suffer from heart disease. This diet isn't recommended to people who have kidney, liver, or digestive issues.