Flaxseeds Can Help You With 14 Diseases Including Cancer And Skin Tightening


The good and known flaxseeds has benefits in preventing and treating many diseases including cancer and it also helps in the diet, and its most important ingredient is the fluid that is released when in contact with water, but all of its properties are best experienced when using ground.

It is a very full of omega 3 fatty acids, and vitamins and trace elements such as potassium, calcium, phosphorus, zing, manganese, selenium and also, it contains phytoestrogens which are hormones whose chemical structure is similar to that of the estrogen. The shell of it is thin and is indigestible, and very rich in cellulose fibers. The flaxseeds has healing properties which are known since antiquity and very helpful in reducing the cholesterol and prevention of cardiovascular disease, The omega 3 acids can affect the lowering of the blood pressure, and it contains alpha linolenic acid which reduces the risk of the heart attack and also cancer.

The flaxseeds reduces the level of glucose in the blood

The flaxseeds is very good in stabilizing the blood sugar if you are a person who suffer from diabetes and it is the best choice.

The action against inflammation helps with arthritis and eases the symptoms but also it is a natural laxative, and it swells in the intestines and it discharges mucus which regulates digestion in a noninvasive way. Also, it can help with symptoms caused by the occurrence of hemorrhoids and due to the high level of mucus it can help in dry unproductive cough - facilitates expectoration and reduces caugh, and also it is recommended to be used in a combination with mallow for this particular purpose. Due to the oligo elements and phytoestrogens it is also recommended for women who are in menopause, a good alternative to estrogen therapy and acts preventively to osteoporosis.