3 Symptoms Your Mouth Reveals About Your Health !


Your mouth reveals a lot about your health! Many different diseases manifest their first symptoms directly in the mouth, so it's important to learn how to recognize them and do something about it!

1. ANGULAR CHEILITIS and LIPS DISCOLORATION - both are conditions followed by red and irritated lips with little wounds on the angles of the mouth. Beside these symptoms, you may also feel pain when trying to open your mouth because one or both corners may bleed,be cracked and swollen, while your lips can be dry and burning. This may happen from a few reasons like:

- deficiency of B vitamins ( niacin B3, pyridoxine B6, riboflavin B2) and Iron.

- fungal or bacterial infections.

- some systemic diseases like Ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease or untreated Diabetes.

- dentures that are bad fitting.

- constantly licking of lips.

- braces and mouth guard.

The B-group vitamins are found in many foods but they are destroyed very easy by cooking or by drinking to much alcohol. From this group of vitamins, only vitamin B12 and folate are stored in the liver, while the presence of other B-vitamins in the body, is very limited. Those who are on diet may have B-group vitamins deficiency and suffer from this unpleasant condition. People with braces or people who suffer from bruxism and must have a mouth guard during the sleep, have more secretion of saliva because of it, and as the saliva builds up in the lip corners, makes them crack and inclined to infections.

2. BLEEDING GUMS - when your gums are red, sore and swollen and easily bleeding, especially when you brush your teeth, you certainly have a problem! Let's see what can cause this condition: