10 Cancer-Causing Products That You Put on Your Body Every Morning


Did you know that the human body absorbs everything you put on your skin? Unfortunately, our body is often exposed to different chemicals and toxins through the cosmetics we use daily, as well as different care products. To make matters worse, more than 90% of these products have not been tested for safety, whereas the ones tested contained a lot of detrimental ingredients which can lead to genetic mutation, cancer, and birth defects.

According to the Cancer Prevention Coalition, personal hygiene products increase the risk for cancer, much more than smoking itself. Hence, these are the 10 most dangerous carcinogens we use on a daily basis:


Most of the deodorants sold worldwide contain Parabens, petroleum products, aluminum, and triclosan- harmful toxins which penetrate the fat cells of the underarms and breasts, and thus, destroy the internal environment. Deodorants can cause a serious damage to the endocrine, metabolic, and central nervous system. Therefore, opt for more organic deodorants or prepare your own deodorant with organic geranium essential oil and aluminum-free baking soda.


They contain colored dyes, saccharin, sodium lauryl sulfate, fluorides, and propylene glycol, which can cause cancer and neurotoxicity. In order to avoid these harmful toxins, opt for organic toothpastes.


Unfortunately, they are filled with Retinyl Palmitate which encourages the growth of skin tumors and lesions. Oxybenzone, also found in this product, is an endocrine disruptor. Instead, buy clear zinc sunscreen like Babo Botanical. Several studies have shown that adequate exposure to sun is the best source for vitamin D and that it actually prevents skin cancer.