Children Under One Year Should Not Drink Fruit Juice


Our children's health is very important to all of us. The biggest problems regarding the children include dental problem and intake of calories; however, another important thing is the consummation of juice because it includes sugar.

According to the US Pediatric Academy, you should not give fruit juices up to the first birthday of the children. Although it was suggested before to give juices to children after 6 months, especially fresh ones, now the advice is to wait until they turn 1 year.

The reason for this is because the children are among the biggest consumers of fruit juices in the USA.

The reason why:

According to the studies, when the parents are giving their children fruit juice, they give them the whole bottle and the child sucks from it all day. The first disadvantage of this is the intake of calorie, and the second is their teeth. With this, they get used to increased intake of sugar, thus avoiding drinking water.

They are not banning the fruit juice, just recommending delaying its usage up to the first birthday and in limited quantity as well. For example, it is suggested that the children from their first to their third birthday drink 1 deciliter of juice daily, while the ones from 4 - 6 years old 2 deciliters.

Furthermore, the small children should drink juices from a cup, and not from a bottle.

Children that are 7 -18 years old should also be careful with the quantity of juice consummation and limit it to 3 deciliters daily.

Another recommendation is to avoid giving your children unpasteurized fruit products or grape juice to ibuprofen, flurbiprofen, warfarin, phenytoin, fluvastatin, and amitriptyline because it has an impact on the effectiveness.

Do not give a fruit juice while fighting diarrhea and dehydration as well.

So, according to the pediatricians, encourage your children to consume the fruit by eating, and not by drinking juices. This is very important!