If you are one of the many people who has problematic knee you came to the right place. There are several causes of knee pain. It can be a result of weak bone structure, injury and arthritis. There are several remedies to forget about swollen knees. They will vary considerably with the extent of pain, but will leave you comfortable enough to jump.

First thing you need to do is identify other accompanying symptoms with this particular problem. For example, if there is any redness, stiffness or numbness on the leg. Also if you have any difficulty standing or walking. The symptoms in most cases are indicative of knee effusion.

Often in case of injury, there is a fluid buildup which is called effusion. The fluid produced by the affected tissues causes the swelling. The remedies should be proceeded according to the cause of pain.

4 Ways to Treat Your Swollen Knees

The Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation remedy
The result of the injury can be sprain or strain, maybe a fall or just from a bad posture and overuse. There are different ways to relieve the knee pain.
First thing you need to do is to rest the knee and put some ice on the swollen area. Compress that place for around 15 – 20 minutes. This can be ice cubes in a bag or even some frozen veggies from the freezer. The cold will relive the pain and the swelling of that area. What else you can do is to apply some compression bandages. However have it in mind that they should not be very tightened.

Moreover, have it in mind to always keep your knee elevated as you rest and use all the other remedies.

Egg yolk and table salt
In the next remedy, you will only need one tablespoon of salt and fresh egg yolk. Mix the two ingredients and apply the mixture on the swollen area. Then, cover the remedy with a cling paper loosely and place a elastic bandage to hold the remedy.

Change the paste every two hours, at least 5 applications a day. The magnesium in the table salt acts as a natural muscle relaxant and reduces fluid in the tissues to reduce swelling. The oils in the egg yolk make it very easy for the minerals to enter the affected parts.

Mustard oil
This process is very simple. Just gently massage the swollen knee with some mustard oil. Previously Heat up about two tablespoons of mustard oil. Make sure you are using it while is still warm. After the massage, place a warm towel on top of the knee. The mustard oil will improve the blood circulation and will reduce swelling and pain .

Apple cider vinegar
The Apple cider vinegar has an strong alkalizing effect. It actually neutralizes some the harmful toxins that build up in the knee. This is very useful in cases of arthritis and other diseases. First, it can be consumed. Mix two teaspoons of the vinegar with a cup of water and drink the mixture every day till the pain subsides. Furthermore, you can place two tablespoons of vinegar in a bath and then soak the knee for around 10 minutes. Finally, you can also mix it with olive oil and massage the affected area two times a day.

The remedy will immediately reduce the swelling and the pain. If the pain doesn’t go away make sure you see a doctor to make a diagnosis.