How to Prevent Split Ends Naturally


1.) Get Regular Trimming to Remove Split Ends
No matter how good you look after your hair, the everyday combing, washing will cause some damage to your hair, and therefore you can't prevent split ends entirely. A trim will be necessary at some point to control split ends. But if you will proper care of your hair so it can stretch trim appointment to every eight to twelve weeks or maybe even longer. You just need to keep a regular check on them. If you happen to see a random split end, so take a pair of scissors and cut them. Leaving them uncut is not a good idea, as it could potentially get worse and travel all the way up to the root.

Always use sharp scissors or the ones that make for hair cuts. Using a blunt pair can fray your ends and cause more splits after a while. Keep in mind to cut about ;¼ of an inch above the split. If you will not so chances are there that split might reappear.

2.) Oil your Hair Before you Wash Them
Washing and shampooing can cause damage to your hair. When your hair gets wet during shampooing, it absorbs water and swells. In this state, they are very fragile and therefore it is easier for splits or chips to occur.

If you will oil your hair before shampooing. Oil forms a protective sheath around your hair and reduces the damage during the washing process and prevent split ends. It also nourishes your hair and helps to restore its moisture balance. Here are some of the best oil for prewash treatment are sesame oil, coconut oil, almond oil, jojoba oil. Apply any of your choices on the scalp and gently massage with the pads of your fingers. Finish your running finger through your hair. Keep oil for an hour and was as usual.

3.) Conditioner to Prevent Split Ends
If you have bad splits ends, then be sure to apply a leave-in conditioner to your hair. This will help you to protect your hair from the regular wear and tear that can happen due to styling, combined and also due to environmental factors.