9 Water Rich Foods: Best Way To Rehydrate Quickly


Our body is over 60 percent of water.
So It is necessary to take plenty of water to keep our body functions work properly.

According to a report of CBS, Upto 75% of Americans may Suffer From Chronic Dehydration.

Dehydration has the negative impact on the body, we feel sluggish and fatigued entire day. This condition leads to high blood pressure and cholesterol level.

Dry eyes, muscle cramps, headaches, dark urine, fever, dry mouth etc are some of the very known symptoms of dehydration.

If you are taking the recommended amount of water, you may prevent the dehydration. But the reality is that most of the people fail to achieve their daily water intake recommendation.

You have to drink enough water to meet your body's daily hydration requirements. Do you know exactly how many glasses to drink?

Many Health authorities generally suggest drinking more than 2.7-litre water for women and 3.7-liter water for men in the US. Generally, there is also a rule called 8×8 rule which equals about 2+ liters or half a gallon. This figure makes it easy to remember.

If you also fail to achieve your daily water needs, you should start eating water.

Just consume some water-rich foods throughout the day. So you don't fall short of your daily water requirement.

These Water rich foods are also good to add more nutritional value to your diet and as well as the best way to rehydrate quickly.

Try to incorporate some of these water foods this summer to stay cool and hydrated.

1. Cucumber

Water Content: - 97%

Cucumber has the highest amount of water content in comparison to any other natural solid food. Each of the 100 pounds of cucumbers is composed of 99% water, by weight.