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Brown spots or as they people also know them - liver spots and age spots appear as flat and brown or dark spots on the skin. They can be different in size. They mostly appear on the hands, shoulders, face, and arms because these areas are the most which are exposed to sunlight.


The appearance of these spots is mostly seen in people over 50, but young adults can also have them if they didn't pay attention to the time they spent exposed on the sun.


What Causes Age Spots?

As we have said this previously, they mostly appear because of a greater exposure to the sun. They can also appear if you use tanning beds frequently. The pigment that gives our skin its color is called melanin. It is located in our upper skin layer.


When ultraviolet lights touch our skin, the production of melanin becomes faster and creates a kind of a tan that should protect our deeper skin layers not to be damaged by the UV rays.

The areas which were the most exposed will probably be covered with liver spots because this pigment is produced in great amounts.

You need to protect your skin from the sun so that you can defend yourselves from these spots.

Anyone can have these spots, but they mostly appear in people who have light-colored skin and the ones who are exposed to sunburns frequently.

Still, these brown spots aren't dangerous. In case you notice they change their appearance or shape, you should visit a specialist, because they may be an indicator of melanoma.

Here are some of the changes you should pay attention to:


  • Irregular border
  • Dark pigment
  • Accompanied by redness, tenderness, bleeding or itching
  • Increases in size rapidly
  • Unusual color combination


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