6 Latest Party Hairstyles Along With Styling Tips


This party season calls for trying out new trending hairstyles. Hairstyles accentuate the beauty of women. Easy and quick party hairstyles give a break from your monotonous look and give you a trendy and gorgeous look. Be it prom night, formal parties, wedding parties or any event, there are many options for you for a quick and sexy hairstyle which will make you dress up and look stunning for the event.


Here are some options for some modern and gorgeous look - they can be modified a bit to make it look more casual or formal - depending on the kind of event you are attending.

Here is a list of latest party hairstyles you can pull off for any special occasion:


1. The Low Slung Bun:

Side swept bangs and low slung bun is definitely among the neat, elegant and refined hairstyle for party 2013, that is this year! Team this look with a perfect outfit and Smokey eyes, then you're all set!


How to achieve this look:

Part your hair into a side parting and clip up the bangs onto either side of the head. Brush the rest of the hair into a low ponytail and secure with hair tie. Twist the ponytail and coil it to form a bun. Secure the bun with bobby pins and finish up with strong hold hairspray.


2. Hair Curls:

Hair curls look sexy and seductive. They certainly aren't among the new hairstyles for party but they give you a perfect look if you sport straight hair on regular basis.


How to achieve this look:

If you have fine hair, apply some volumizing mousse and blow dry your hair using round barrel brush. Once this is done, create curls on your hair using large barrel tongs. Set the curls with strong hold hairspray and then tease the curls to separate the curls well.


3. Sky High Bump/ Hive:

We have seen celebrities hairstyles sport this look on red carpet and this hairstyle has always been a style statement.